Swim Above Ground Pools


Steel Pool

Above ground swimming pools range from economical models to more luxurious styles. Above ground pools can have many of the features popular with in ground pools such as saltwater systems, lights and automatic pool cleaners. It is also possible to give your pool a feeling of more permanence and easier accessibility by building a decking surround for your above ground pool.

Take pride in owning a quality steel pool that is built for the long haul! The entire steel structure is coated with a combination of protective finishes, ensuring maximum resistance to corrosion and providing optimum durability.

Height: 52″
12′  15′  18′  21′  24′  27′  30′  33′

Height: 52″
12′ x 24′   15′ x 30′   18′ x 33′


  • 7-inch Rugged top ledges coated with Duratex
  • Steel uprights treated with Texture-Kote
  • Two-piece ledge cover and foot cover for precise fit
  • Stabilizer support system for easy wall installation
  • Umbra wall pattern that gives a unique and stylish look
  • Heavy corrugated wall with superior coatings
  • Easy to assemble
  • Channel Lok I system for oval pools
    • Engineered to require fewer buttresses without compromising strength, yet easy to install

COLOR: Printed